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Talk to MicheleRelationships have so much potential to be great, but then something happens and then repeats and then you are stuck or unhappy or frustrated. Whether it’s a new relationship or one that you have been in for decades, therapy can help you remove blocks that keep you from having the life you deserve and want.

Would it be fair to say you are experiencing frustration or dissatisfaction in your relationship? Clients have sought couples therapy for as many reasons as you can think of. But I will tell you it may all boil down to a few simple underlying issues that cause your strife and discontent.  Learning, exploring and discovering causes of your relationship’s cycle of fighting can create change and ability to undo patterns that have kept your relationship in a rut or worse, going downhill.

I use proven methods to help couples heal the past, derive immense pleasure from the present and set a course for their future. Assessment and couples therapy will address your individual patterns and core beliefs as well as explore the  couple’s dynamic. In therapy, I provide the space for us to collaborate and create lasting change. Couples counseling has been shown to help relationships heal with authenticity, integrity and honesty.

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