Ages roughly between 12-20 are some of the most complex times of transition for an individual to grow through.  Parents are not given an instruction manual and Teens are not handed any instruction on how to: be a teen or communicate with parents/peers. Parents tend to worry about their children regarding their growth, development, and what kind of person they will become. Sometimes, parents are simply facing issues with their child/teenager that they do not know how to handle. Many children and adolescents stumble as they are growing and families find that they need the help of therapy.

Therapy for Child and Adolescent Issues

Therapy for children and teens focuses on the interpersonal relationships of the child/adolescent as well as the family members, how they relate to each other, communicate, and individuate. Family Systems helps to look at the interactions of each member, how they communicate, and helps each individual to learn how to interact in a healthier way.

A good therapist will work to address the concerns of the child/adolescent, while helping the family to grow and heal. Children grow through a variety of developmental milestones–physical and psychological. As they struggle to resolve their psychological development, they need the love, support, and structure provided by their parents and guardians. When you or your children are struggling with the problems of childhood or adolescence, a call to a therapist who specializes in working with children and adolescents can help you to decide if therapy is right for your family.

Resources for Teens

Teen Line
Teens Helping Teens- Connect, Talk, Chat, Get Help!
6pm to 10pm Daily

Teen 2 Teen Hotline
Trained Volunteer Teen Counselors available to help
5pm to 9pm Daily

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


Teen Depression
Non-profit organization helping people understand teenage depression
Statistics, Prevention, Facts on Teenage Depression

A subset of Al-Anon specializing in Teen family or friends of alcoholics
12-Step Meetings